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GOM Reminder – a handy organizer for the N900

Checked out this nice app at the Ovi Store. Its a simple and easy to use utility that allows you to set up reminders quickly which trigger the standard system alarm.

Reminders can be from simple ones that trigger after a set time to more sophisticated ones with various options for recurrences like ‘Forever’, ‘Until’ and ‘X Times’. The options are laid out logically and makes using the app a breeze. Nice job by the guys at Tardigrada.

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September 5, 2010 2 comments

Checked out Gas-Balls from the Ovi Store.

Its a nice Live-Wallpaper-like application developed by Nokia. The gas balls bounce around on the desktop, respond to tilt, and explode in vibrant colors when touched.

It comes in 3 modes:

1) Fullscreen

2) Background

This mode will turn the app into a Live-Wallpaper but still respond to tilt and touch.

3) Transparent

This mode will run as a transparent layer on top of the current background.

The app is resource intensive but nice to play around with. The physics behind it are impresssive as the balls bounce on the widgets and the flames wrap around desktop widgets. Its also good to see Nokia still coming up with apps for Maemo.

Now the downside. It doesn’t play well with Live-Wallpaper. Sherman-Aquarium disappeared but continued to take system-resources. Had to restart it from the Settings.

Either way, its worth a look!

Update: Added YouTube video by murfad

Tethering on the N900 – Part 4 (Hotspot)

In case you didn’t know, the N900 is capable of creating a hotspot and share its 3G internet connection with other wireless devices. Sharing via a Hotspot is the top-dog of all tethering options. There are currently two ways available to get this set up.

Mobile Hotspot (Free)

Like all downloads, this comes free – courtesy of the community. Setup however, requires installation of a modified kernel (power-kernel), also available in Extras.


1. Install the ‘Enhanced Linux kernel for power users’ package from the Application Manager.

2. Reboot.

3. To verify if the kernel was installed correctly enter ‘uname -a’ in X-Terminal. The output should be something like

$ uname -a
Linux Nokia-N900 #1 PREEMPT Wed May 26 00:24:03 EEST 2010 armv7l unknown

Un-install however requires a couple of commands on the command-line.

Mobile Hotspot

1. Install Mobile Hotspot from the Application Manager.

2. Launch Mobile Hotspot.

3. Select Connection.

4. Select Hotspot name and enter one.

5. Enable WEP encryption and enter a WEP code (at least 5 characters) if you wish. WEP is insecure anyway!

6. Click Start. When ‘Stop’ appears the hotspot is ready for service.

I often have issues with Mobile Hotspot. My wifi-router requires a reboot every time I run Mobile Hotspot at home. Not sure why that happens. You might also encounter some bugs but the app is still usable. It effectively hides all the complexities involved in the setup.

Joiku (Paid)

A paid application that offers a few more options compared to Mobile Hotspot. I think its on sale in the Ovi Store this month at $4.99.

I plan to close out the ‘Tethering..’ series with a summary that will present most (if not all) the tethering options that the N900 can bring to the table. I hope the posts were useful.

Tethering the N900 – Part 3 (Bluetooth)

Tethering over Bluetooth is slower but being wireless is a great advantage over USB.

Ubuntu 10.04

Another simple setup:

1. Install Dial-Up Networking (bluetooth-dun) from Extras on the N900.

2. Install blueman Bluetooth-Manager on Ubuntu. This is not required but a good gui doesn’t hurt.
sudo apt-get install blueman

3. Open blueman from the status bar and pair the N900.

4. Right-click the connection and select Dial-up Connection.

5. Select the T-Mobile connection. If you haven’t yet created a Connection, see my previous post.

6. Done.

Windows 7

Ovi-Suite is a good tool here.

1. Install Dial-Up Networking (bluetooth-dun) on the N900
2. Open Ovi-Suite.
2. Connect the N900 via bluetooth (Tools -> Add New Device).

3. Select Tools -> Connect to Internet

4. Surf!

Tethering on the N900 – Part 2 (USB)

Windows 7

Unexpectedly, tethering on 7 was quite straightforward. Ovi Suite does a pretty good job at it. Here is what needs to be done:

1. Install Nokia Ovi Suite

2. Connect the N900 in PC Suite Mode. A nice confirmation is displayed after a successful connection

3. From the Menu, Select Tools -> ‘Connect to internet’ to bring up the wizard.

4. Select Country / Carrier

6. Thats it! Turned out that Ovi uses for the default APN setting for T-Mobile. This didn’t work for me. After changing it to from Tools -> Options, I was able to connect and surf.

My initial experience with Ovi Suite was great.  The integration with the N900 was good enough for me to get what I wanted quickly. Although I don’t use Windows daily, it is nice to know that the N900 is well supported. It’d be great if Bluetooth was this easy too :). I’ll leave that for the next post.