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Extras-testing: Evopedia, Currency Converter

February 15, 2010 2 comments

Evopedia (0.2.99+3.0rc3-maemo1)

Finally managed to download and install the English dump. Its working well but there is an annoying bug that does not allow links to be opened correctly. Nevertheless, a cool reference tool.

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Save As

struggled to download an email attachment from my company’s Outlook web-client which allows downloads only via ‘Right-click’ for security purposes. I wished the MicroB had a ‘Save Linked Content as’ option in the context menu. Firefox didn’t help; it does’t even have a congtext-menu. Forwarding the email to my gmail didn’t work either!! Had to resort to my wife’s XP netbook to bail me out.

On second thought, I could have tried Iceweasel on Debian chroot. hmm..


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Extras-testing update

February 8, 2010 3 comments

Evopedia (0.2.99+3.0rc2)

Evopedia is an offline Wikipedia reader. The only thing it requires of course is a dump file which runs several GBs in size – English dump is 4.8GB. So I naively left the download running on the N900 overnight only to see it fail in the morning. Should have thought of the 4GB max file size on the vfat partition 😛

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