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Firefox 1.0

Mozilla released Firefox 1.0 today.

The browser is good but not a game changer in any form. The stock Mozilla-based browser (microB) simply offers a superior experience.

Some of the low points are:
– Flash support is disabled and only works on youtube if enabled.
– fixed zoom in/out
– I couldn’t find a way to copy text from a webpage
– can’t select a link to open it in a new tab.
– can’t pan around in Google Maps.

Nonetheless, Firefox is only going to get better from here on out with add-ons enhancing the experience. And its great to see Mozilla’s support for the Maemo platform.

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Tested some apps today.





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Tethered N900 to Ubuntu

January 27, 2010 6 comments

So I got a SIM from MobileVikings last week because they have such a very reasonable data-plan. €15 gets you 1GB of data / month. The minor downside is that it is not 3G but I did not notice any major problems connecting to the internet. And I don’t care much about being online when I am on a call.

So last night, I tried to tether the N900 to my Ubuntu 9.10 laptop via USB. Having never done anything like this with any mobile device, I was shocked to see how easy it was to use the cellular data connection from Ubuntu. All that was required on the Ubuntu side was to add a new Network Connection with the MobileVikings APN, user and password. I was online in minutes the first time. A huge testament to the user-friendliness of N900, Maemo and Ubuntu.

I now want to try tethering to the N900’s wifi connection. It seems like this would require a recompiled kernel but it would be interesting to make it work!


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checked out WikiHow from the Ovi store.

It is basically a qt-webkit based reader of the site. Some important features (IMO) missing were fullscreen-mode and finger-scrolling.

btw, whats up with the non-optified qt4 libs? My rootfs is @ 85% !

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Updated Ovi Maps

January 24, 2010 6 comments

Updated Maps today using the Nokia Maps Loader. Battled in frustration with Nokia Maps ‘Updater’ for a while before realizing that its the ‘Loader’ that I needed. Anyway, the process was simple, connect the N900 in Mass Storage Mode, run the Loader and download the maps to your content. Interestingly, even voices can be downloaded and installed, but it is not supported by the Ovi Maps software on the device. Really digging the 3D landmarks feature.


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Tested: Jinni apps

Tested a batch of Jinni apps in extras-testing. The apps are a nice collection of tools coded using Illumination. I was able to crash TimerJinni; and Kandis was simply unstable.

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watching live@ces (on demand) on #N900 browser. another N900 wow! moment.

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