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Tethering the N900 – Part 3 (Bluetooth)

Tethering over Bluetooth is slower but being wireless is a great advantage over USB.

Ubuntu 10.04

Another simple setup:

1. Install Dial-Up Networking (bluetooth-dun) from Extras on the N900.

2. Install blueman Bluetooth-Manager on Ubuntu. This is not required but a good gui doesn’t hurt.
sudo apt-get install blueman

3. Open blueman from the status bar and pair the N900.

4. Right-click the connection and select Dial-up Connection.

5. Select the T-Mobile connection. If you haven’t yet created a Connection, see my previous post.

6. Done.

Windows 7

Ovi-Suite is a good tool here.

1. Install Dial-Up Networking (bluetooth-dun) on the N900
2. Open Ovi-Suite.
2. Connect the N900 via bluetooth (Tools -> Add New Device).

3. Select Tools -> Connect to Internet

4. Surf!