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GOM Reminder – a handy organizer for the N900

Checked out this nice app at the Ovi Store. Its a simple and easy to use utility that allows you to set up reminders quickly which trigger the standard system alarm.

Reminders can be from simple ones that trigger after a set time to more sophisticated ones with various options for recurrences like ‘Forever’, ‘Until’ and ‘X Times’. The options are laid out logically and makes using the app a breeze. Nice job by the guys at Tardigrada.

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Microsoft-Nokia: A blow to Linux and the open-source community

February 12, 2011 4 comments

In the new world order, MeeGo is no longer a priority for Nokia. This is a big setback for MeeGo and therefore GNU/Linux.

Nokia’s contribution to Linux and open-source started with Maemo and continued with a bigger extent into MeeGo. From what I understand, the amount of source-code opened was significant. Numerous GNU/Linux projects and open-source software companies benefited from its investment.

Relegated now to a mere R&D ‘project’ within the walls of Nokia, the future of MeeGo seems bleak. The momentum behind MeeGo will undoubtedly slow down if not die altogether. Its going to be a wait and see situation.

MeeGo is one of the most significant developments in the Linux world which has the best chance of revolutionising the mobile industry.

Of course, some would say that the MeeGo source is open to the developers but MeeGo as it is today is not production ready. A strong corporate sponsor is what it needed to change the world. Things would have been different if the deal was announced after MeeGo had some production-devices to show for.

Intel however is still optimistic. Lets hope it stays that way and MeeGo does not have to watch any more industry supporters jumping ship.

Its unfortunate to see Nokia’s priority make a complete paradigm shift from the openness of MeeGo to a closed and who-knows-what situation with Microsoft.

In its gambling bid to take over the American market, Nokia stands to lose in this deal. But the biggest loser is Linux in the mobile/handset world. It is safe to say that the market for a free and open platform that empowered cross-platform development has drastically shrunk and been taken over by a closed, proprietary, and singular world of Windows.

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September 5, 2010 2 comments

Checked out Gas-Balls from the Ovi Store.

Its a nice Live-Wallpaper-like application developed by Nokia. The gas balls bounce around on the desktop, respond to tilt, and explode in vibrant colors when touched.

It comes in 3 modes:

1) Fullscreen

2) Background

This mode will turn the app into a Live-Wallpaper but still respond to tilt and touch.

3) Transparent

This mode will run as a transparent layer on top of the current background.

The app is resource intensive but nice to play around with. The physics behind it are impresssive as the balls bounce on the widgets and the flames wrap around desktop widgets. Its also good to see Nokia still coming up with apps for Maemo.

Now the downside. It doesn’t play well with Live-Wallpaper. Sherman-Aquarium disappeared but continued to take system-resources. Had to restart it from the Settings.

Either way, its worth a look!

Update: Added YouTube video by murfad


August 30, 2010 1 comment

Got acquainted with Raemote today. A desktop widget that allows remote control of FrontRow. Its works great on my MacBook Pro! but I noticed that the application doesn’t optimize its use of lircd. This hits the battery hard. I let the developer know at t.m.o. Hopefully, a solution will come around soon. Until then I will be restarting lircd via scripts.

BTW, FrontRow rocks! Haven’t seen anything like that on Windows/Ubuntu.

Tethering on the N900 – Visual Summary

I thought it would be great to end the series with a visual summary of the options covered so far, and then some 🙂

Ubuntu 10.04

Tether GPRS/3G
connection via Bluetooth

Tether GPRS/3G
connection via USB

Tether Wifi connection via USB

Tether GPRS/3G
connection via Hotspot

Tether Ubuntu internet-connection via Bluetooth. (Haven’t tried this yet..PAN?)

Tether Ubuntu
internet-connection via USB

Tether Ubuntu
internet-connection via Hotspot

Windows 7

Tether GPRS/3G connection via Bluetooth

Tether GPRS/3G
connection via USB

Tether Wifi connection via USB

Tether GPRS/3G
connection via Hotspot

Tether Windows 7 internet-connection via Bluetooth. (Haven’t tried this yet..PAN?)

Tether Windows 7 via USB. (No luck getting this to work with USB Networking)

Tether Windows 7 internet-connection via Hotspot.

Mac OS X

Tether GPRS/3G
connection via Bluetooth

Tether GPRS/3G
connection via USB

Tether Wifi connection via USB

Tether GPRS/3G
connection via Hotspot

Tether Mac internet-connection via Bluetooth. (Haven’t tried this yet..PAN?)

Tether Mac internet-connection via USB using USB Networking and ICS.

Tether Mac internet-connection via Hotspot

Update 8/28/10: Using the Mac lately. Its playing nice with the N900 as you can see with the Mac OS X section.
Sorry MAC users. I have never used a MAC. Incidentally, a colleague loaned me his Macbook Pro yesterday. He wanted me to see how in the Mac world “it just works!”. It will be interesting to see how well that plays with the N900.

Update 8/29/10: Added PC-USB-N900-Wifi option