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Iivilsteel theme (

a very nice theme but this update messed up Modest. (-1)

Edit: Reactivating the theme fixed the font.

Matrix theme (1.0)

well done but a little too much lime green. I would have liked a slightly darker green. Easy thumbs-up if it weren’t for the missing Bug-tracker/mailto link in the deb.

SyncEvolution (0.1) also caught my attention. And not knowing what it did, I started googling around and got lost quickly somewhere amidst ScheduleWorld, Funambol, Evolution and syncML. According to their half-complete wiki, ScheduleWorld, among many other things, also supports funambol clients installed in Outlook. What?! Doesn’t make sense to me. Why would someone want to maintain data on both funambol and ScheduleWorld ?

created using MaStory on the N900

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