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I am very happy today. While playing around with Password Safe, I discovered that it supported importing of keepassx databases!

A keepassx compatible password-manager on the N900 was something that I had missed from day one because I rely on keepassx on my ubuntu laptop daily to manage hundreds of my passwords.

Finding support for it now makes it far more easier for me to login to my online accounts with complicated passwords like banks, finance, credit-cards etc.

The import function, as I figured out later, did not support sub-groups. Even though my database had multiple subgroups within each group, it didn’t stop me from rearranging things on my side so that there were no subgroups. After that it was a simple export/import operation and Password Safe accepted some 400 odd entries gracefully.

On numerous occasions, I have had to turn on my laptop just to check the bank-balance or something which required me run keepassx. But, no more! 🙂

As time moves on, I am becoming less dependent on my laptop and more on the N900.




playing Pandora on pyPianobar while stuck in rush-hour traffic. The speaker got a little warm after 20 min of play.


updating my shows on SeriesFinale. Need o catch up on Lost.. fast!

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Catching up on the series in the plane and the airport. The quality is fantastic and ‘seek’ function is instant.

After about 2.5 hrs of watching, the battery was only at 50%.

The N900 is a hero 🙂

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Just found out about Vox‘s new voice and data plan for the N900. Its very competitive and comparable to T-Mobile’s offering. Glad to know there is now an alternative.

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The ideal travel companion

I have come rely almost completely on the N900 during travel.

Sitting now at the boarding gate while I just watched a family video emailed to me right after I posted a picture to my private wordpress blog (via pixelpipe). sent a bunch of sms’es. picked up a rebtel contact from my online account and called him. It would be nice to see a Rebtel app for the N900 :).

what’s up with additional searches for Economy passengers before boarding the aircraft?

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Ovi Maps: Satellite View

Glad to see Satellite maps for Orlando. I always thought this feature didn’t work becuase the maps didn’t display in Belgium. But its great to have satellite images now. Using the N900 over 3G data is full of surprises 🙂

It would be nice if there were a way to download the maps offline (similar to the standard Map Loader) to save bandwidth costs and also the time for it to download over 3G.

created using MaStory on the N900

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Tethered over Bluetooth

Tethered my wife’s Nokia E51 T-Mobile data-connection over bluetooth to her XP netbook using Nokia’s PC Suite. Worked like a charm with as the APN.

This is an awesome recourse to stay online as we wait for an internet connection to be installed in our new place.

The N900 was the inspiration to this idea; therefore, this post 😛

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