MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition RC

Just booted to the release candidate. It was nice to see San Francisco featured on the home and lock screens. All things seem set for the release. Things are not very snappy but still very usable. Wifi connected quickly and xterm was handy too (need to map the TAB key somehow)

All set now for the MeeGo Conference – and I am taking an external charger along since USB is not an option anymore.

I look forward to seeing some of you there!

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And so the end begins…

My worst fears were realized when I noticed a strange thing on the usb end after unplugging the usb cable. It immediately dawned on me that it was the USB connector, and it had suffered the same fate as many reports earlier (t.m.o, tabulacrypticum, engadget).

My use of the N900, as seen from lack of posts recently, had been greatly reduced due to the Blackberry Torch (from work) being my primary device. Even though I have an external charger, yanking out the battery every day, is not going to be a viable option. Sadly, this will reduce the usage even more.

The fact that the USB connector broke the same day I received a Palm Pre 2 as a developer device from HP was striking. The Pre 2, by the way, seems like a very interesting device but in no way as hackable as the great N900. I will keep an eye out for a good deal online because the lure of the N900, even after all this time, is just too strong!

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