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I am very happy today. While playing around with Password Safe, I discovered that it supported importing of keepassx databases!

A keepassx compatible password-manager on the N900 was something that I had missed from day one because I rely on keepassx on my ubuntu laptop daily to manage hundreds of my passwords.

Finding support for it now makes it far more easier for me to login to my online accounts with complicated passwords like banks, finance, credit-cards etc.

The import function, as I figured out later, did not support sub-groups. Even though my database had multiple subgroups within each group, it didn’t stop me from rearranging things on my side so that there were no subgroups. After that it was a simple export/import operation and Password Safe accepted some 400 odd entries gracefully.

On numerous occasions, I have had to turn on my laptop just to check the bank-balance or something which required me run keepassx. But, no more! 🙂

As time moves on, I am becoming less dependent on my laptop and more on the N900.