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Tethering on the N900 – Part 2 (USB)

Windows 7

Unexpectedly, tethering on 7 was quite straightforward. Ovi Suite does a pretty good job at it. Here is what needs to be done:

1. Install Nokia Ovi Suite

2. Connect the N900 in PC Suite Mode. A nice confirmation is displayed after a successful connection

3. From the Menu, Select Tools -> ‘Connect to internet’ to bring up the wizard.

4. Select Country / Carrier

6. Thats it! Turned out that Ovi uses for the default APN setting for T-Mobile. This didn’t work for me. After changing it to from Tools -> Options, I was able to connect and surf.

My initial experience with Ovi Suite was great.  The integration with the N900 was good enough for me to get what I wanted quickly. Although I don’t use Windows daily, it is nice to know that the N900 is well supported. It’d be great if Bluetooth was this easy too :). I’ll leave that for the next post.