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Back to testing and Voting

Been away from the testing scene lately because I have been carrying my new Blackberry from work instead of the N900. I tried carrying both together for a while but it turned out to be too inconvenient.

Anyway, the testing queue is growing ever longer. Its good in a way to see apps actively being developed on Maemo but its also unfortunate to see many of them not getting voted for. It would be great see the testing queue get cleared so that new apps or newer versions become available in the stable Extras quickly.

Here are some apps I tested lately that need some votes. If you have some time to spare, give them a try and vote if you think they meet the criteria.

Testing Page for Woller

Testing Page for Kfzcheck

Testing Page for Kfzcheck Extras

Testing Page for Dorian

Testing Page for Calculus

Testing Page for Macuco

created using MaStory on the N900

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September 5, 2010 2 comments

Checked out Gas-Balls from the Ovi Store.

Its a nice Live-Wallpaper-like application developed by Nokia. The gas balls bounce around on the desktop, respond to tilt, and explode in vibrant colors when touched.

It comes in 3 modes:

1) Fullscreen

2) Background

This mode will turn the app into a Live-Wallpaper but still respond to tilt and touch.

3) Transparent

This mode will run as a transparent layer on top of the current background.

The app is resource intensive but nice to play around with. The physics behind it are impresssive as the balls bounce on the widgets and the flames wrap around desktop widgets. Its also good to see Nokia still coming up with apps for Maemo.

Now the downside. It doesn’t play well with Live-Wallpaper. Sherman-Aquarium disappeared but continued to take system-resources. Had to restart it from the Settings.

Either way, its worth a look!

Update: Added YouTube video by murfad

Sherman’s Aquarium Live-wallpaper

August 28, 2010 1 comment
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Some time ago, while waiting at the line in CVS I saw a lady brag about having an app on her iPhone that let her use her CVS card. I got curious and took this picture of my CVS card from the N900 just to see if the clerk’s reader would accept it. Needless to say, worked like a charm!

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3G – you’re so useful

Downloading a podcast to listen over FM for the long drive home.


Checked out Wok. Another simple yet fun game to kill a few minutes while waiting in line.

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Just signed up at Netflix today. Browsing the website on the N900 is a superb experience. Netflix’ instant-play feature, by the way, is awesome. It would be really cool if there was a Netflix app for the N900.

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