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Tethered N900 to Ubuntu

January 27, 2010 6 comments

So I got a SIM from MobileVikings last week because they have such a very reasonable data-plan. €15 gets you 1GB of data / month. The minor downside is that it is not 3G but I did not notice any major problems connecting to the internet. And I don’t care much about being online when I am on a call.

So last night, I tried to tether the N900 to my Ubuntu 9.10 laptop via USB. Having never done anything like this with any mobile device, I was shocked to see how easy it was to use the cellular data connection from Ubuntu. All that was required on the Ubuntu side was to add a new Network Connection with the MobileVikings APN, user and password. I was online in minutes the first time. A huge testament to the user-friendliness of N900, Maemo and Ubuntu.

I now want to try tethering to the N900’s wifi connection. It seems like this would require a recompiled kernel but it would be interesting to make it work!


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