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Setting white on black in X terminal

November 5, 2009 4 comments

By default, the xterm app on the N900 is set to black font on white background.


I on the other hand like black on white because it is easy on the eyes and uses less power. I have been wanting this on the N900 since day one but only figured it out tonight while putting my son to sleep (yea, I take it everywhere)

Open Font from the X Terminal menu. The first box next to ‘Color’ opens a window to select a Font color; select White. The second box allows the selection of the Background color; select Black.



Click ‘Save’ to behold White on Black coolness.



It would have been nice if there were any indication on the ‘Color’ boxes to indicate their purpose. Also, the selected color should be displayed on the repective boxes instead of being grey. :gripes:

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