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Signed up for T-Mobile

February 28, 2010

First order of business after arriving in Orlando yesterday was to sign-up with T-Mobile. Their no-contract plans are awesome. I signed up for the family-plan and got a line for my wife too. Its great that we can use our Nokia phones here in the US without any strings attached. I’m lovin it. T-Mobile’s got a winner here.

Also took their offer for the first month free $10 unlimited data-plan on both the lines. The rep said he was excited that T-mobile will be carrying the N900 very soon. I didn’t divulge that I was an N900 owner ;). But it turned out that both the E51 and 3120 Classic were unable to use the data connection. I kept getting an ‘upgrade required’ error in the browser. However, changing the APN to internet2.voicestream.com (from the default epc.tmobile.com) got the data connection going on both phones and the N900!

I plan to use the data connection heavily in the coming days as I go house hunting – it will be a critical test of the N900’s usability that I previously untapped.

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