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Maemo no mo? Enter MeeGo

Its hard to say what the big announcement means to the N900. Its going to be a wait-and-see game from now but I am optimistic. As Ari said in his blog that Maemo now has a ‘bigger pond to swim in’

I think MeeGo (apart from its name) is a huge step in the right direction.

  • Target devices are no longer handsets. Its interesting that Nokia would now be getting into TVs and carputers.
  • Having MeeGo managed by the Linux Foundation provides a huge amount of legitimacy to the intentions of two very large profit-driven corporations.
  • Its a good thing for Linux in general. This collaboration will accelerate the penguin’s adoption in all sorts of devices. And if the stated goal is to be believed, this project will be genuinely open with full support for upstream projects; unlike the forked-kernel of the Android platform.
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