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IRC using Xchat

Last night I enabled the extras-devel repository to see what apps are coming down the pipeline. It was nice to see a lot of cool apps in the works like Canola, Irreco, MediaBox and DrNokSnes.

I was particularly interested in getting IRC set up so I checked out Xchat. Earlier, the guys in the maemo channel advised me to use a version prior to the one current so I installed 2.6.8.maemo10.fremantle1 manually using apt-get:

apt-get install xchat=2.8.6-maemo10fremantle1

The installation was smooth and I was up and running on it in no time. However, the UI feels clutterred and it needs a Maemo5 makeover before it is finger-friendly.

NOTE: Extra caution needs to exerted when dealing with this repo because all the apps in there are in beta and are therefore perfectly capable of causing serious injury to the device!

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